Julia Jager is an illustrator and art director with a love for characters, cats, birds, nature, Ireland, music, education and psychology. When she has a bit of time for herself and her daughter is sleeping, she enjoys more drawing, reading, watching movies, swimming, sailing and making music. She plays the violin, cello, guitar and mandolin and she sings, mostly folk and country. 
She also enjoys hunting for good finds at the vintage store. 
She currently lives in 'historical-and-industrial-but-pretty' Geertruidenberg with her boyfriend Sef and daughter Abigail. 
They also have two Siberian cats named Bassie and Sofia. 
(Sofia’s, not so updated, instagram. Poor Bassie doesn't have one: www.instagram.com/Siberian.Sofia)

Julia works as a freelancer in illustration 
and art direction in animation.
Contact info:

Phonenumber: +31644571735

Ir. de Voogtstraat 16,
4931 GB Geertruidenberg
The Netherlands

Happiness is like a bird with twenty wings
Try to catch him as he flies
Happiness is like a bird that only sings
When his head is in the skies
You can try to make him walk beside you
You can say the door is open wide
If you grab at him, woe betide you
I know because I’ve tried
Like a butterfly upon an April morning
Very quickly taking fright
Happiness is come and gone without a warning
Jack-O-Lantern in the night
I will follow him across the meadow
I will follow him across the hill
And if I can catch him I will try to bring you
Oh yes, happiness
If I can catch him I will try to bring you
All my love and happiness

Molly Drake – Happiness