Children’s book in the making

A story about self-love

“Would you like to watch me fly?” is a story I wrote while I was recovering from a burn-out in the fall of 2020. During my burn-out I was confronted with how little I did for my own enjoyment and now it had caught up with me: I lost interest in everything I did. Designing this illustrated story was one of my first steps back to creative fulfillment.
By making this children’s book I hope to deliver an important message for children (and grown-ups): love and appreciate yourself completely.

Swallow is very dependent on the approval from his friends. When one day they don’t take notice of him, he becomes very sad. He’s at a loss what to do and tries to find new friends who will appreciate him, but everyone he meets is happy doing their own thing. During his animated adventure he discovers he should be looking closer to home.

Ongoing project: Since beginning 2021
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