Princess Six

~ An illustrated story about a very
clumsy and unlikely princess and her sisters

Princess Six and her five sisters take part in the princess trial. Whoever wins can become queen. Princess Six does her best with every test. However, she is always told that she is ‘not suitable’. She’s getting desperate! On the final test, Princess Six discovers something strange. What is the princess test really for?

I was commissioned by Dutch publisher Delubas to illustrate the story of Princess Six, written by Joke Reijnders.
You read this book together. The youngest reader reads the sentences in large letters, the more experienced reader reads the other sentences. This way you can read a book together, each at your own level.

It was a fun story to illustrate and I could also identify quite well with the main character, being the youngest of six children myself.
It was also quite a challenge, since there was a lot of text and almost all the illustrations had to be at the bottom. Adding the fact that the story had 6 princesses and the wish they would be visible on almost every page. I had to be resourceful and was able to differ with some pages and find some new interesting compositions. I learned a lot from this project.

If you’re interested, you can purchase the book here:–9789053006894#

Project date: 2017