Speel je mee? /
Do you want to play?

~ Illustrated story
in primary school reading method “Atlantis”

Lisa and Beau find a golden ticket in a game of goose: they win a guided tour in the games factory.
In the games factory they enter an exciting competition, but is everyone playing the game just as fair as they are?

I was asked by dutch educational publisher Delubas to illustrate a story supporting one book from a language series. In this volume ‘Playing’ was the core subject.
It is a language educational method bookseries, with the core aim of promoting reading for Dutch children.
It is not going well with the motivation to read for a lot of Dutch children, education is lacking.
This product tries to promote reading in a fun way and shows a lot of different ways you can read. Every book focuses on a different theme and in that theme all kinds of texts get the spotlight. In each reading book the children come across all kinds of different texts: from diary fragments to instructional texts and from jokes to advertising posters. Often the children are allowed to choose which text they read; their own interest is leading.

This book is available for purchase on it’s own,
and also available for primary schools as a part of the entire educational method package Atlantis. For more information you can visit:

Project date: 2020