~ Proposal for a short animated film

Dreaming about making my own animated movie, I started to build a world around Scootergirl, a character I designed way back at the art academy.

Originally the character Scootergirl came into existence linked to insecurities and was biographical. A girl drove a Vespa and whenever she would drive this Vespa she would feel less insecure, because she was just the girl on the scooter. Scootergirl.

With this in the back of my mind, a new story evolved.

Scootergirl is a coming-of-age story about young Lucie who lives in a world where everyone drives on scooters (aka Vespa’s) (fun part, all the owners also look a bit like their scooters). In this world it’s very normal to graduate when you’re 16 and leave the nest. You get a Vespa, a certificate and with your backpack you go out into the great big world, to find your place.
Lucie is raised by a very protective father and it’s hard to find her own story in his shadow.
The story is an adventure where Lucie has to find faith in herself to break free and find her own path.

The project received preproduction funding and came a long way with the help of the Dutch Film Fund, production company BosBros and writer Tingue Dongelmans.
In the end the project stranded unfinished.
It’s still on my mind and hopefully there will come a day it can be finished.

To be continued.
Are you interested in the project? You can always contact me, I’m open to suggestions and I’m happy to make new connections.

Project date: in between projects from 2013 to 2019
Storybeats of first story concept
Storybeats of first story concept color
Different stages Lucie 1
Different stages of Lucie 2
Different stages of Lucie 3
Father Guido
Sketches of possible different characters
Visual development sketches
Color key to storyboard frames (original frame by Dirk van Dulmen)
Inspiration 1
Inspiration 2
Inspiration 3