Handdrawn portraits

Portraits of babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers

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I illustrate children on commission, in particular babies, toddlers and preschoolers. It’s so nice to make a beautiful portrait of a child for their loved ones.

To create the illustrations I use reference photos that people have specially chosen. It is possible to combine poses and facial expressions to create the best picture.

Now for a limited time only

€ 325,- €195,-

(tax included)

Ongoing project: Since autumn 2023

Different stages

The illustration has several stages. In the first stage I make a sketch. When I am satisfied with the sketch I share it for feedback. Once I have implemented the feedback, I show the sketch one more time to switch to the coloring phase. At the end there is the opportunity to provide feedback again and I will incorporate this into the illustration.

Medium: digital

I create my illustrations digitally. What does this mean?
That the paper has been replaced by a tablet. However, I still use a pen and all my illustrations are done by hand.
There are several benefits I get from digital illustration; it is small and compact, so it is easy to carry; there is less clutter; I can easily go back in the drawing process when I am not satisfied; I can easily make certain aspects larger or smaller upon closer inspection. So when a head turns out to be in the wrong size, but the facial expression is correct? Then I can make the head just a little bigger or smaller, without losing any lines. You can see from the (accelerated) animations of the process on this page that I draw every line and occasionally change the proportions.
Drawing digitally is a bit like both drawing and sculpting. You set the basis by drawing, but occasionally you sculpt the shapes just so.
It is also nice that the program I work in keeps track of the process, so you can later see the drawing being created from start to finish.

Soft brush strokes

Using various digital brushes I look for an authentic hand-painted look. A traditional vibe, but with all the advantages of digital work, such as the possibility of adjusting proportions easily, easy reproduction of the end result and recording the process.


They are only so small for such a short amount of time. It’s so nice to hold on to that moment of your newborn baby just a little longer and immortalize that moment. This way you can enjoy it even longer.

Black and white

You can also choose a black and white illustration. It costs less and it is just as beautiful!

Do you recognize them?

My customers know me for getting the most out of what I can.
I am only satisfied when you are satisfied and when you find the similarity striking. I can also help out and think along when you’re having trouble picking the best photo as a basis for the illustration.

High-quality print and frame possible

In collaboration with a printing company, I print the illustrations on high-quality Tintoretto Gesso paper. This paper has a nice texture and resembles thick painter’s paper. This gives the illustrations a completely traditional look. Very beautiful, you should see it in real life. The 41x51cm frame is calm and gives all the attention to your little one.

The end result

You as a satisfied customer and a beautiful illustration on the wall.


40% introductory discount (until 31st of August 2024)

Package black and white
Basic price b&w€ 325,-€ 195,-
Print and frame € 60,-€ 36,-
TOTAL€ 385,-€ 231,-
Package color
Basic price color€ 495,-€ 297,-
Print and frame € 60,-€ 36,-
TOTAL€ 555,-€ 333,-

In consultation, additional attributes, characters or people can be added to the illustration for an additional charge.

Would you rather choose a frame yourself and have the illustration printed somewhere else? Then you can also decide not to include the print and frame. You will then receive the costs of the print and frame as a discount on the basic price.

Due to the fragility of the frames and the prints, I unfortunately cannot send them (at this time) and the end product must be picked up in Geertruidenberg, the Netherlands.

The illustration is intended for private use only.

Within the basic price you will receive the illustration as a print with frame (41x51cm) and as a digital file (.PDF, .JPG and .PNG, in A3 format in 300dpi). You can decide whether you want to print the illustration again later and whether you want to share the illustration with loved ones.

Within the price you also get a nice making-of video, as seen in the moving animations on this page. This way you can see exactly how the illustration was created and share it with others.

Would you also like to immortalize your precious (grand)son or (grand)daughter in the form of an illustration? Please get in touch and we’ll figure out the details.